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a commonplace for quotes from my current reading


Summer reading

Meme from Susan

  • Butler, Robert Olen: Had a Good Time: Stories from American Postcards [recommended by David Carr]
  • Saramago, Jose: Blindness [recommended by Stefanie and many others]
  • Drabble, Margaret: The Gates of Ivory [recommended by Haven]
  • Tepper, Sheri S.: Beauty [recommended by Sven]
  • Lodge, David: Thinks [recommended by LabLit folks]
  • Spark, Muriel: Loitering with Intent and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie [for the Slaves of Golconda]
  • Erdrich, Louise: The Master Butchers Singing Club [recommended by David Carr]
  • Oates, Joyce Carol: A Garden of Earthly Delights [May garden book]
  • Lesser, Wendy: The Pagoda in the Garden [June garden book; recommended by Susan]
  • LeCarre, John: The Constant Gardener [July garden book; recommended by David Carr]
  • O'Brien, Tim: Going After Cacciato
  • Glass, Julia: The Whole World Over
  • Forster, E.M.: Howard's End
  • Appelt, Kathi: Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky


At 17/5/06 19:46, Blogger Stefanie said...

I hope you like Blindness. I see you have a Lablit book on the list. I recently tried to find a couple of books mentioned on the site but struck out. Have you read David Lodge before? I haven't but was looking at the used bookstore for his Consciousness and the Novel which came recommended from somewhere that I can't now remember.

At 17/5/06 20:06, Blogger JohnM said...

I read Trading Places last year when I was in DC at a conference. It was a hilarious academic comedy, and far more interesting than the conference. :)

Lablit-wise, I highly recommend Allegra Goodman's Intuition, which is just recently out. Susan read it not long ago.

At 18/5/06 10:06, Blogger Kate S. said...

A very interesting list. I look forward to reading some of your thoughts on the books as you work your way through it. I've just begun reading David Lodge's The Practice of Writing which is mostly essays about novels and novel writing. I expect I'll post some excerpts and some Lodge-inspired thoughts on my blog soon.

At 18/5/06 18:47, Blogger Stefanie said...

Thanks for the Goodman recommendation. I remember both you and Susan posting about it. I'll have to get my hands on a copy.


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